Charles Barkley is Right

Well, you know, in the way that cutting someone off on the road is right and letting your dog jump on little kids while taking a walk is right. He’s right in the way that he actually isn’t, he’s incredibly wrong and ignorant and I’m about tired of people like him, Ben Carson, and Don Lemon existing and using their power (or access to public microphones) to make comments on the Black community as if they were appointed by us and for us. Stop it.

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I Had a Dream

I haven’t been able to remember a lot of my dreams when I wake up, or if I did, details would fade the more my body woke up. I opened my eyes and was greeted by this tightness in my head; the kind you get when you’ve been screaming at the top of your lungs for help. It was safe to say that this was a legit nightmare and it rocked me to my core.

(This is a long post)

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On How Attending a Predominantly White School Helped Me Get in Touch with My “Black Side”

Strange, right? You see, in high school where most of the kids in attendance were African American, I was constantly accused of “acting white.” That term, to this day, baffles me when I think of its [loose] definition:

Acting White: Essentially a non-white person who acts like a stereotypical Caucasian person regarding culture, speech and dress

The definition continues to say that particularly, my success in education denoted a form of “selling out” by betraying my culture. So doing well in school was bad for my black cred, or nah?


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