Friday Fashion Post: Valentine’s Day Edition

Whether you and your boo thang are going out or staying in, or you’re hanging out with the girls, nothing will make your Valentine’s Day be more awesome than feeling confident in what you’re wearing. I’ve got options for every kind of girl you could be or want to be for the night and you never know, you may find yourself being wooed and booed up by February 15!

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Golden Globes 2015

This is in no way a fashion blog, but what I love about awards season is THE FASHION. I feel like in my 20s I should have had more chances to get dolled up in a  gown and show out.

But since that has yet to happen, I choose to live vicariously through celebrities and their beautiful designer everything. My winner for the night, thus far? Kate Hudson:

SLAY MAMA! She wears a lot of white during award shows and can clearly pull it off. This Versace Versace Versace is giving me Vegas showgirl realness and I’m loving it? Ba-da-da-da-da

But who else were some of my faves? After the cut!

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