5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Magical Black Girl In Your Life

Yo. It’s 2017. How in the heck did we get here? “By living, Diane,” you’ll probably say. In which I’d respond, “Shut up, smart-ass.”

Afraid to have “The Talk” on Thanksgiving?

Hi. Are you mentally and physically preparing for a Thanksgiving holiday that may be super duper awkward with some of your family because of their recent life choices? I don’t mean Aunt Karen married her yoga instructor, or Uncle Andre insists you call him Andrea. I mean the other thing–the political thing. Do you wantContinue reading “Afraid to have “The Talk” on Thanksgiving?”


If I have to hear or see more whitesplaining from Fox News and basically every media outlet on how the Charleston Church TERRORIST attack had nothing to do with race, but attacks on religious freedom, a hate crime against Christianity, drugs, mental disorders or anything outside of the disgusting thing that it was, a hate-filled manContinue reading “ENOUGH.”