If I have to hear or see more whitesplaining from Fox News and basically every media outlet on how the Charleston Church TERRORIST attack had nothing to do with race, but attacks on religious freedom, a hate crime against Christianity, drugs, mental disorders or anything outside of the disgusting thing that it was, a hate-filled manContinue reading “ENOUGH.”

I Have Feels and it’s Rick Grimes’ Fault

Do you guys watch “The Walking Dead”? If you do and you’re all caught up on this season, keep reading. If you’re not caught up, naturally, avoid spoilers and come find this post after you watch the episode “Try.” If you don’t watch “The Walking Dead,” well I won’t judge your life choices butttttt  

Is It The Weekend Yet?

That moment you get a new job after telling people in the interview that you’re great at multi-tasking, prioritizing important projects, and handling a huge workload. And that other moment when you start the job, and three weeks in, they’re giving you all of the work. Like, ALL OF THE WORK. Or at least itContinue reading “Is It The Weekend Yet?”

Dream Cast: Avengers: Age of Ultron

In honor of Women’s History Month (are you celebrating by telling a woman that she’s awesome everyday? I hope so!) I’m combining my love for comic book movies and telling people what to do to create my dream cast for the The Avengers: Age of Ultron except with only females casted in the main roles!Continue reading “Dream Cast: Avengers: Age of Ultron”