Hey. Ho, Let’s Go!

New laptop is here. Are you ready? Because I am. And this thing is like Kylie Jenner after she got her new lips and went to her 25-year old boyfriend’s house ready to show him what she could do!

Wait. What do you mean she’s only 17? And her parents are okay with this? But like…isn’t that illegal? I don’t understand?! Why is this okay? Like stop? Come on.

So tomorrow, the boyfriend and I are melding worlds and bringing our mothers together for a Mother’s Day brunch of epic proportions. And by epic, I mean “Please let them like each other, and please don’t let my mother bring up anything about marriage and please don’t let me say anything incredibly awkward because that would be bad?” Like, David’s mother is fantastic, and my mom is the gangsta upon whom I draw my strength, so it should go well.

It’s just that sometimes, especially with all the things that have been happening with my mother recently, she’s been all “Let me say all the things on my mind and worry about how people feel later” IF EVEN, and we’ve let her because she’s mommy, she’s the boss. So I can totally see her just saying to Dave’s mom “When is your son going to propose to my daughter?” and me just legit dying. DYING.

Anywho, this was just a post to say hey and to get acclimated with this new keyboard. So far, I’m failing. It’s cool.

I’ll be back.HH

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