I Have Feels and it’s Rick Grimes’ Fault

Do you guys watch “The Walking Dead”? If you do and you’re all caught up on this season, keep reading. If you’re not caught up, naturally, avoid spoilers and come find this post after you watch the episode “Try.” If you don’t watch “The Walking Dead,” well I won’t judge your life choices butttttt


Have you noticed how in these last couple of seasons, we’ve had all of this build up toward the season finales, threats of mass killings and things changing, and then nothing really of note occurs? I DO NOT FEEL THAT WAY RIGHT NOW and season 5 is going to a dark place.  First things first, Nicholas can just die now. Not only is he a coward, but he’s a coward who lies in order to protect his cowardice and I just can’t get down with that. I thought about looking for a picture of him to post on here, but I can’t stand to see his face so we’ll make do with that ^ The fact that the truth about how Noah died may never be known to the entire town makes me maaaaad.

So we have Carol the Magnificent trying to reassure Rick that killing Pete in order to protect Jesse is the right thing to do. And honestly at this point, you know Rick is heavily considering it. Whether it’s a matter of him trying to find a new mommy for Carl or his wanting to protect everyone as he’s so used to doing, who knows, but the line of trust Deanna and the Alexandrians have with the new group is growing thinner and thinner. We’ve got unstable Sasha out and about trying to make zombies extinct all by herself, and Daryl being the Jake to Aaron’s Finn on their own episode of “Adventure Time” and everything is starting to feel grim. Why are there walkers with “W” (or “M”) on their foreheads? Why doesn’t Carol just kill Pete herself, we all know she can? Will Carl have his first kiss just to end up watching his potential boo thang die? Can Michonne, Glenn, and Maggie ever find the peace and safety they so sorely want?

This surely isn’t a recap post because you can totally watch the episode yourself on your own time, I just have so many feels! Like, I love how Michonne feels responsible for Sasha all big sis style, and I’m hoping she’s able to knock some sense into her. She has to know that her telling Noah he wouldn’t survive in this world just for him to end up dying had nothing to do with her. She’s clearly still dealing with the death of her brother, but there’s gotta be a better way than wasting ammo on some single-minded mission to save her world. And she’s gotta stick around, she’s clearly their best shot. Michonne saving her from that walker was a great start at her rehabilitation because it told her that she does need help and HAS it even if she rejects it. But shooting your way through your problems isn’t it.

Let’s really get to what’s causing me so much distress though. RICK GRIMES. After confronting Jesse about Pete and having his help rejected, you could see that turn. He walks off, looks around the town and sees all the chatty old people and people reading books in absolute peace and he suddenly takes his job as constable SO SRSLY. Pete. who is like hella creepy, btw, comes sulking into the house and starts the fight with Rick, and he’s only just defending himself when they come to blows and go flying out of the window. Andddddd, that’s pretty much where I stop defending sir Grimes. Carl tried to stop him and he swatted him away and really if his son couldn’t get him to calm his tits, nobody was (we needed you Daryl!). Whipping out his gun and brandishing it around got me all kinds of tense because I was sure somebody was going to shoot him. Stupid ass Nicholas for example, the king of good decisions. But maybe he actually listens when Deanna says “We don’t kill people, we just send them away.” Maybe, madame, you should start killing people because I doubt Rick will just let himself be sent away. Not after everything he’s done to get there. YOU don’t stand in the way of RICK GRIMES achieving his dreams! Like his dream of making sure he doesn’t end up compromising his ethics for survival like Shane and succeeding–oh wait. Nvm.

But you know, hey TWD creators, don’t think I didn’t notice your hardcore way of letting us Richonne shippers know that that boat has sailed with this beautiful scene. Because you know what? This woman has been out in the wilderness, lost herself, found herself, lost herself with Andrea’s bullcrap, found herself again in her newfound love of Carl and the gang, has finally found safety and normalcy behind the walls of this suspect ass town, and now the dude she’s aligned herself with is jeopardizing all of that?! OH NO HE DIDN’T. AND OH NO HE WON’T. TEAM MICHONNE 5EVER!

Before I go, I’d like to wish my best friend in the whole entire world a HAPPY STINKIN BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!! She’s the greatest tiny adult human being I’ve ever met and I hope we’re friends forever and ever, AMEN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOLA!

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2 thoughts on “I Have Feels and it’s Rick Grimes’ Fault

  1. Rick needed to be punched, but I also feel like they should take over the town too. The people annoy me. The episode before this one, when they were just running away made me ill. And how did you not mention the devil dressed ass a priest Father Gabrielle?? I mean SERIOUSLLY. if he doesn’t disappear in this next episode, I just don’t know. I can’t take any more.

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