The most wonderfulest of things happened today you guys! I don’t think you understand how glorious this is!

Ok, sorry, I’m probably just overreacting.

But today I tried logging into the employee site for my part-time department store job, and I couldn’t. My employee number and password were invalid. And it was at that moment, as I tried for a second time to log into the system that it was done. A chapter of my life was closed. A chapter filled with aching feet and assholes and incompetent managers was coming to an end. No longer would I have to explain to a customer why their stupid coupons wouldn’t work and then see the cross being frustration, embarrassment and anger that would flash in their eyes when they decide they can’t afford the stuff they wanted. Ugh.

Oh, I totally feel comfortable putting the store on blast now. MACY’S, you’re the GD worst and your coupons are stupid as hell, and your bathrooms are FOUL and your store managers are too obsessed with making money and not providing customer service and I’m just done. I don’t understand how some people could have worked for that company for 20 years as a retail sales associate. WHAT? But…why?! After recovering from that brief stint of insanity, I can seriously appreciate anyone who works in retail, customer service, the food industry and any other place that requires dealing with a variety of types of people. GOD BLESS YOU for doing what you have to do to make that money, even if it means dying a little death every time you work.

Anywho, the new job is going well. I’m constantly busy and sort of losing my mind, but I get along with my managers extremely well and they make me feel comfortable enough to joke with them and be my weird self.

This weekend after I get some of that overtime time and half monies, I’m going to crackmy editorial calendar back open and crank out some ideas, get some drafts going, and get Dark Roast back on track. I love ya’ll and have an awesome existence. Because I am (at the moment)!

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