This is a Dark Roast Update!

I got a new job! It has the potential of being super fun and the pay is awesome!

It’s like…well, I was all gung-ho about not getting a legit job again because I wanted to be free to write, but I kind of like it, so I’m going to try REALLY hard to do both. Hence the silence from me in the last couple days. Yesterday was my first day, and it was filled with a lot of training and setting up of stuff. You know, exciting things!! But my goodness do I miss writing and scrolling through WP looking at everything you guys write. Those days will be dedicated to Saturdays now until I can get acclimated to this new schedule.

There will be some times where I’ll have to travel for work, so I’ll really be fawked on the consistent posting, but that’ll be up to me setting up posts and scheduling them for your enjoyment. Because…you’re still enjoying them, right? Don’t tell me! Tell me. DON’T TELL ME!

Anywho, once all of that falls into place, I’ll be back to populating my editorial calendar, updating my new twitter and tumblr accounts so you guys can connect with me, and being my general badass self again! I hope you guys are staying warm and enjoying your blogging! I can’t wait to be with you guys on a more consistent basis.


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