Friday Fashion Post: Valentine’s Day Edition

Whether you and your boo thang are going out or staying in, or you’re hanging out with the girls, nothing will make your Valentine’s Day be more awesome than feeling confident in what you’re wearing. I’ve got options for every kind of girl you could be or want to be for the night and you never know, you may find yourself being wooed and booed up by February 15!

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Valentine’s Vixen

For the super confident girl who doesn’t mind every eye being on her, here are some looks I’d rock for just that

Jumpsuit? YASSS please! It’s one piece, looks great on every body type (maybe not the deep V-neck) and will instantly make you feel like a million bucks.

This screams old Hollywood glamour, and what isn’t sexy about a classic black halter maxi with a super peak of flesh?

I need this dress in my LYFEEEE! It’s short, A-line (which fits a lot of body types), mixes patterns perfectly and has this strappy detail on the top that follows the patterns and creates the illusion of a smaller waist. It’s like ruching without looking like it’s wrinkled.

Classy Affair

Planning on gracing the grounds of a fancy restaurant or cocktail party this V-day? Here are some pieces you’ll love to style with fierce shoes and a cute clutch

Nothing says classy broad like a knee-length one shoulder dress. The twist? This strip of pearl beading that runs down the fabric, elongates the body and compliments a short slit for a hint of dangerous sexy.

What girl doesn’t like a red and black dress for Valentine’s Day? What makes this even more awesome is the flattering black panels on the sides of the dress that slim and lengthen the body. (It especially compliments her red hair!)

One word, two syllables, JUMPSUITTTTTTTTTT. This speaks to the versatility of the jumpsuit because it can come in super sexy, or super classy like this one. Can you tell that I like black? Is that so wrong?

Fierce, Flirty and Girly

Single, ready to mingle and looking to party with your girls? These are some looks to rock to have every guy or girl wanting to make you their sweetheart.

Flounce skirt perfect for twirling? Check. Light chiffon fabric that’s breathable so you don’t feel constricted after a drink or three? Check.  Beautiful floral print? Huzzah! I’d feel totally girly and pretty in this Free People dress.

Imagine walking into the club with your girls in this feeling fierce as all hell. You walk up to the bar, start chatting with a guy, and as you leave to catch up with your girls he sees this

Talk about leaving an impression, huh?

Yeah I know it’s winter which is why this is the perfect time to bring out the bright colors and show everyone just how happy you are to be out with your people? And if you’re not into the bright colors but love this origami peplum skirt, try it in the print

Conservative Cutie

Want to go out but don’t want to show too much skin? Oh, I’ve got you covered.

Boat neck, midi length and flowy is a great combination for still being girly and covered up. And yes, this is my definition of covered up.

If you still want to cover up, a maxi dress with floral detail is great. Pair it with a cute blazer of a matching color and you’ll be set for the night. The awesome thing about this dress is that it comes in tall and plus size.

Look at this floaty skirt with a sheer insert! Look like the angel you are in this beautiful ice blue midi dress that can be styled with metallic accessories or a pop of color.

Staying In Sexy

If you don’t have plans for the night, or are staying in to watch a movie or wine and dine with your S.O., I’ve got you covered. Either to impress someone else or yourself, you’ll stay looking hot all Valentine’s Day long.

It’ll look cute over a bra and panties or even a t-shirt and shorts. Just because you’re not going anywhere doesn’t mean you don’t have to feel awesome in your lounge wear.

Or just say how you feel right on your shirt. I have a Valentine and I want this because…because vodka!

Comfy. Cute. Easy to get on and off…for reasons. Throw the robe above over it and you’re ready for your glamorous night in.

I love fashion posts and hope this gave you some ideas on how to rock your February 14! The great thing about these pieces is you can wear them to a ton of other places and events and because they’re timeless, they’ll never go out of style.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. That ASOS romper with the bow back is EV-ERY-THING! OMG. Also, the gif at the top is perfect and made me giggle. Every single choice was gorgeous, lady! Well done.

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