If I Write These Down, Will You Keep Me Accountable?

Blogging 201 has started, woo hoo! How much did I fail to finish off 101 on time? Majorly. How much better do I want to do this time around? SO MUCH. But holy crap, so many new things have been developing in my life in the last month and it’s become hard to focus my attention on just this. I then get bogged down with shame feelings because I want to have an awesome and successful blog, but I’m not doing the work to get it done. Unfortunately, this isn’t like college where I could like…not study until the last-minute, then somehow still crank out a B+ paper. This is the internet. It’s like, seriously life-changing, you know?

Therefore we come to assignment one of Blogging 201, which will actually come in handy for me. I need to set goals for myself concerning this blog so that it can be good. I want to take the momentum I built up in 101 and make it into something fun. I’m a huge fan of setting goals, even if most of them are short-term, as a means of keeping myself accountable. But now, this is a special case because I’m developing and trying to nurture this new online community and I’d appreciate it if you guys could help me be accountable too.

So what do I want to do?

1. Write 2-3 posts a week:

Sometime between Sunday to Saturday, I need to pump out at least two posts. Since I initially started this blog as a means of ranting about social justice, entertainment, and my own personal life, I feel like there’s tons of material out there for me to tackle. So why haven’t I done it? That’s where my bros come in.

2. Start a new feature that helps me practice my novel-writing (by March 1)

I want to start writing fiction again. This time, one that I can totally relate to and end up falling in love with. I’d love to have a feature post once a week with a chapter in progress, reluctantly opening up myself for critique and help. No woman is an island, and I think many great projects are accomplished by bouncing ideas off of equally passionate and creative minds. I’m honestly so excited about this.

3. Convince my equally creative friends to share some of their stuff on my blog

Artists, photographers, writers, cake designers, clothing makers. I know them all. Some of them with skills I’ll never begin to have, and instead of me starting at their stuff in complete awe, I want to show them off. I want to brag about my awesome friends. I want you to know I’m associated with some cool ass people.

4. Spend one hour each week visiting my followers’ blogs, reading their posts, and commenting on their work 

Stole this one directly from the Blogging 201 post because it’s an admirable goal. I’ll sometimes go into my reader and try to catch up on the blogs I follow, comment, and like what I can so they can know I’m still reading and care. I think if I write it down here as a goal, I’ll keep doing it, enough so that it never feels like a chore but I get excited about seeing what my WP family have shared today.

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5 thoughts on “If I Write These Down, Will You Keep Me Accountable?

  1. Jazz hands to all these goals. I’m also on the gotta-devote-more-time-to-posting-and-reading-others’-posts train. All this content you’re planning sounds pretty awesome – can’t wait to read it!

  2. I feel you. The whole thing about having life interfere with blogging and all of that. But I’m also really looking forward to reading everything you write this month, and the months after, so hang in there. Good luck especially with the novel. Novels are tough cookies.

    B x

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