Golden Globes 2015

This is in no way a fashion blog, but what I love about awards season is THE FASHION. I feel like in my 20s I should have had more chances to get dolled up in a  gown and show out.

But since that has yet to happen, I choose to live vicariously through celebrities and their beautiful designer everything. My winner for the night, thus far? Kate Hudson:

SLAY MAMA! She wears a lot of white during award shows and can clearly pull it off. This Versace Versace Versace is giving me Vegas showgirl realness and I’m loving it? Ba-da-da-da-da

But who else were some of my faves? After the cut!

Gina Rodriguez from “Jane the Virgin” (EDIT: GOLDEN GLOBE WINNER GINA RODRIGUEZ)

You can never go wrong with black, especially if it fits FLAWLESSLY and has a great twist with the fringe on the bottom. I wish I felt cool enough to pull off fringe in my daily looks :S

Viola David from “How To Get Away With Murder” and a crap-ton of movies

I love Viola. Her makeup and body are banging. That dress though…looks like a prom dress I would have worn to my best amiga’s quincinera. Not sure if want. But I still love you, Vi!

Jennifer Lopez

I kind of love this. This pearl/silver/gold/sparkly thing works for this woman, no? She looks like a latina Brigitte Bardot. She’s tanned and toned for the GODS and I can’t hate her for it.

Helen Mirren

This woman is 69??? Seriously, if I could pull off this body and this dress at 69, I’ll be doing okay.

Jessica Chastain

This ginger goddess knows how to show out in gowns with minimal jewelry and still sparkles. Bravo.

But sometimes not everyone wants to like…try…or…care?

I’ve seen Keira Knightley wear some beautiful things but tonight…

At least she brought her own bib for the dinner portion of the evening? Otherwise she looks like if a Wes Anderson movie became a dress. I’ll let you decipher that how you want.

Amanda Peet was just like “Whatever, I’m gorgeous, do I really have to try? Am I less of an actress and performer because I rolled out of bed and literally came straight here?”

Do you, boo.

Lana Del Ray

“Will you still love me when I’m no longer using my good stylist?”


Lupita Nyong’o

Well. We’ll always have 2014!


Beautiful couples alert!

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

Pacey will forever be my first love.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

And Chris Pratt and Anna Faris!

Shout-out to this cutie pie! Quevazhane Wallis!

And that’s it! This is getting long! Are you watching the show tonight? Amy and Tina’s opener was pretty good. Watch it here! I wish they could host every year. GOODNIGHT!

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    1. You see, I tried throwing a fancy dress New Year’s eve party and my best friend came over in sweatpants and I ended up changing, so I don’t know how successful I’ll be with that stuff. :S

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