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Staring at my computer screen trying to figure out a name and tagline for this blog was a task.

I wrote down names, bounced ideas off of my best friend and boyfriend, sometimes without enthusiasm and lost a lot of confidence.

If I couldn’t even come up with a name that inspired me, what was the point of starting a blog?

I kind of just had to figure out what it was I even wanted to do with the blog, what kind of vibe I wanted to put out and run with it. I wanted to sort of act like the Burn Book from Mean Girls without being ridiculously evil. I wanted to roast celebrities and news makers and myself while making my readers laugh in the way I try to get my friends cracking up when we hang out. Hence Dark Roast was born.

You know when you get together with your girlfriends over coffee to catch up and just start chatting about everything and anything? That’s what this blog is supposed to do. The tagline, “Now Serving Coffee and Tea” refers to serving truth in a sometimes shady way. Anybody who watches RuPaul’s Drag Race or loves Paris Is Burning (as reference points) would know what I’m talking about. It’s what I do. And I want to be good at it.

So you know, I don’t think I’m changing it.

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8 thoughts on “Dark Roast: The Blog

  1. OMG!!! I love your blog!!!! i love the format. I dig the whole setup. I’m struggling right now trying to figure out extra tabs and archives page lol. ugh. I’m the worst. haha

    i love the meme videos. yasssss I love it. Go you. Im checking out some of the post now.

    1. Dude, set up wise, my blog is the most basic and perfect for my lazy behind and I’m dreading any assignments that’ll want me to tweak it cause I’d rather just go get some froyo and watch more Housewives of Atlanta reruns on Bravo

      1. I am just having the hardest time lol . How do you get the different category tabs? Im over here stumped with this contact page im trying to add lls . You have no idea. The struggle is real . Haha

      2. Ok, I had to research before I could answer because I stumbled upon it accidentally myself. You go to your settings and go to widgets. Archives should be listed on there, and it’ll give you a chance to name it however you want and where to place it on your sidebar. I hope that helps!

      3. I had it for like 2 seconds, wasn’t pleased. Messed with it and now its gone lol. Im going to keep giving it a go though. Thank you so much.I appreciate you taking a look for me.I’m glad I found a pal in all this =)

    1. You can agree that Raven is probably one of the most beautiful men and drag queens on the earth and then we can share some chocolate. js

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