Oh Hey 2015, Take A Seat

I can’t even take the idea of New Year’s resolutions seriously because I never keep to mine. I think I even stopped making them like 5 years ago, but you know what? I’m approaching 30 and the games have got to stop. I’ve got to become more srs bsns. And I should start by doing a couple of things

1.Take more selfies

Because sometimes my hair and makeup be on fleek (did I use that correctly?) and the only way I’d believe it on a bad day is if I clock it.

2. Throw shade like Rihanna because dammit

She does things sometimes

That perfectly capture my thoughts

And it needs to be shared with the world. Because it asked. Shut up.

3. Never think this is a good look on anyone just because they’re VERY rich

Because girl. No. Just. No.

Why be so choppy and uneven when you can be so conditioned and luscious?

4. Hug and kiss my Mommy more.

Because mommy hugs bring instant feel goods. Trust. Unless your mom sucks, then you can borrow mine because sharing is caring.

5. Buy this lipstick from NARS

It’s called Liv and I’m accepting donations. 😀

6. See more of my friends because moments like these…

…are part of the reason I fight to conquer my depression as hard as I do. I love being there for them and knowing they can come to me when I ask. They are family and everything and life and I look forward to more reasons to see them, poke their boobs and hold them.

I have a list of people I want to see in this coming year, so don’t be surprised if I shoot you a message asking to hang. I’m looking at you!

Anyway, here’s to a great year of tea spilling and shade throwing with a dash of


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