CNN Started the #AskACop Hashtag on Twitter and it Turned Out As Wonderful As I Could Have Expected

Everyone’s favorite Uncle Tom, Don Lemon tweeted this the other day:

And the internet had questions. Ones they’re still asking. And will continue asking until someone has an acceptable reason for the murders of unarmed, innocent and young black people. (The answer is there is no acceptable reason, in case you were wondering.)

There are tons more on the feed and people aren’t stopping. Two days have passed and they want to know why. The thing is, we’re supposed to rely on the police to help and save us but who helps and saves us from them? They’ve created this state of fear and with fear comes distrust. Distrust breeds some dangerous actions and mistakes that can cost lives. I know I never want to get pulled over for speeding again because I may be killed by a cop who is not having his day. Two years ago that was never a concern but now it’s a morbid reality.

And what drives me the most crazy about Don Lemon and CNN allowing this panel to happen is that these men had a chance on a national platform to sit there and tell us how they feel attacked and that they’re only human and we don’t understand how it feels to be them, men and women who are only doing their jobs. Let me tell you something. If there was a plastic surgeon who continually put breast implants in your kneecaps instead of giving you the knockers you paid for, that doctor would be punished for their failures. They’d lose their licenses for malpractice and they’d suffer consequences. Why is the idea of indicting cops who KILL people under suspicious circumstances when there’s evidence and video not supporting their stories SUCH A HARD THING TO DO? Because another dead black kid is just that. One less creature to worry about becoming successful and one day leading a better and more awesome life than yours, right?

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