A gentleman walks into the towels section of my department store.

Me: Do you need help with anything?

Him: Yes, what are your plushiest towels and do you have a way to measure the plushiness?

Me: (starts to laugh then stops when I realize he’s not joking) …unfortunately we don’t have the technology to measure towel plushiness yet, sir…

And off to that magical place I go again. Have a great day!

CNN Started the #AskACop Hashtag on Twitter and it Turned Out As Wonderful As I Could Have Expected

Everyone’s favorite Uncle Tom, Don Lemon tweeted this the other day:

And the internet had questions. Ones they’re still asking. And will continue asking until someone has an acceptable reason for the murders of unarmed, innocent and young black people. (The answer is there is no acceptable reason, in case you were wondering.)

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Charles Barkley is Right

Well, you know, in the way that cutting someone off on the road is right and letting your dog jump on little kids while taking a walk is right. He’s right in the way that he actually isn’t, he’s incredibly wrong and ignorant and I’m about tired of people like him, Ben Carson, and Don Lemon existing and using their power (or access to public microphones) to make comments on the Black community as if they were appointed by us and for us. Stop it.

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