Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow

The times have changed.

It was really easy to freak out and feel like a failure when I left my full-time job because I was too busy defining my success according to how other people defined it…for themselves. NOT ME!

Well, liberation is here my friends, because I don’t care what you think!

HAHA, that may have come off rude. I meant, I don’t care if you think I’m just making an excuse for not living a glam life like some of ya’ll, but I don’t need to. I didn’t grow up glam, my expectations for life have always been realistic and goals attainable and I’m getting right back to that place. It feels good.

I think once you let go of an expectation you have for your life, it gets easier. All of your life’s problems aren’t immediately being solved, but you can definitely find better ways to tackle them without driving yourself into the ground emotionally.

It took a reminder from my sister and a link to an article by Dr. Phil concerning the motivation behind our decision-making. Do you act as a means of escape or as an avenue to run towards something? If you’re trying to escape from something, there’s a high chance you’re going to get stuck in another place you don’t want to be. I left my job because I was miserable. I hated the place, it stifled me and drove all my creativity and joy into the dirt. These are the things that are my life’s blood. My bread and butter. So I left. I crave ways to express myself through words, my art, clothing, makeup, and anything that didn’t have to do with helping someone else live their dream. I’m convinced that if that’s my lot in life, it’ll be with my words and encouragement, but not a 40 hour a week job with benefits and “security.”

Security is too deceptively comfortable. Life is short. Shake it the f*ck up. Take that chance and dive off the deep end. Can’t swim? No problem. You know how to float. You start kicking your legs and moving your arms and before you know it, you’ll reach the edge and pull yourself out. That’s what I feel like I’m starting to do. There will likely be plenty of times that my head disappears under water and I’ll inevitably panic and we’ll all feel like this is just a big fat repetitive dance, but shut up! You don’t know my life! It won’t be perfect, and it won’t be easy, but when have the fun things ever been?

I can confidently say I’ve obtained a way to pay my bills for some time which is a comfort. A comfort that fills me with a joy that makes me want to write ALL OF THE THINGS. I’m excited about this blog. I’m excited about you. I’m going to start getting you dorks to comment on my posts. We’re gonna interact and become friends and I’m going to help you as you help me. We’re going on this journey together whether you like it or not so why not just say hi!

Have some Sarafina and get yo life!

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7 thoughts on “Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow

    1. I like to act like I’m bold…haha. I’m definitely getting there and feeling no shame about it! And you should definitely start writing! It’s great therapy.

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