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Hey guys! Want to know what I’m reading and laughing at this week? Have any links you want to share, even if it’s to your own blog? Comment below!

Here’s Dark Roast’s Five Thangs:

Do you watch The Walking Dead? Do you love laughing until you cry? Bad Lip Reading did two videos for the last season of the show. But my favorite part of these was definitely Carl Poppa. Let this become your new favorite song.

As some of you know, I’m a Viola Davis stan. I’m at a healthy level of stanning because she currently stars on “How to Get Away With Murder” which gives me a chance to focus my energies on her one show and her fabulosity (damn you Kimora Lee). So you remember that episode from two weeks ago that was being advertised by ABC like “YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS VIOLA DAVIS’S LAST 9 WORDS” and the whole time you’re watching and waiting for it to pop off, you see her sitting in front of her vanity, peeling away her wig and makeup before she confronts her husband like “WHY IS YOUR PENIS ON A DEAD GIRL’S PHONE? GET YO LIFE” (I added those last three words)? Apparently she was only supposed to take off her makeup. (Upworthy)

THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END. Azealia Banks finally released her longgggggggg delayed full album, “Broke With Expensive Taste.” NGL, I’m kind of excited. This is the only Azealia I’ll be supporting.

What happens when Buddha sues Zeus? IDK either, but this feels like a preview: Marvel to sue Google for the leak of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. OOP.

UM. EXCUSE ME. It’s November 6, these Christmas shopping commercials need to EFFIN STOP. Has Thanksgiving just become that holiday that’s the Rainbow Road between Halloween and Christmas? And we know how everybody feels about Rainbow Road. IT SUCKS. Anywho, I like food, you should too. Here are some things you should make for Thanksgiving. Because it’s important too!

Enjoy your Thursday!

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