We All Do It and We Need to Stop

You see an article drawing comparisons between the New Hampshire #pumpkinfest, where drunk and violent college kids destroyed property for no reason, and the protests in Ferguson, MO, sparked by the killing of an unarmed black teen, and the thoughts start swirling in your head.

“Yeah, I guess I could see the parallels concerning the rioting, but honestly one of these issues is a human and civil rights issue and the other is just a bunch of jerks being destructive for no reason. It also doesn’t help that the media describes these pumpkin rioters as ‘Rowdy’ and the Ferguson protesters as ‘Thugs,’ obviously because of the racial makeup of the areas these incidents occurred in. It’s freaking obnoxious.

You’re wondering how the general online community feels about this and you scroll down the page…

The first words you see are “This author is obviously trying to incite some drama because they’re making this about race. How the media covers the news isn’t with some undercover motive to sway people to think a certain way.”

“You’re an idiot if you think these drunk college kids having fun are in any way comparable to those gangster thugs using the death of one of their fellow criminals to steal and loot from innocent hard-working citizens.”

“If you can’t see how this isn’t a joke, but a great commentary on how abusive the media is, then you’re all f*cking stupid and I don’t even know why I come on this site anymore.”

BASICALLY, if you ever find yourself like this:

Stop, collaborate and listen, and never read the comments.

We all do it, we never feel better after doing it, I’m a glutton for punishment who continues to do it but maybe if we all work together, we can change.

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