Why Am I Here?

Just before you start freaking out that this is some sort of existential, watch me try to find myself through the written word kind of post, it isn’t. I figured that 4 posts deep, I should let everyone know why I’m doing this blogging thing. 

1) I love entertaining, specifically when talking about pop culture and social justice and roasting parts of it. Because nobody’s perfect.

2) I enjoy giving advice (because I’ve lived life in these streets man)

3) Mainly wanted an outlet to work out my own issues with the benefit of hopefully helping other people going on a similar journey into the unknown. I started another blog on another site that started with me talking about my horrible job and the process it took to resign. I was feeling really stuck talking about that place because by the time the first post came out, weeks had passed since I quit and I had no desire to keep rehashing and reliving that part of my life. It would have become an obsession that would have turned into a hatred that I didn’t want in my body. Yeah, I hated the place, but in the way that people hate flat tires or bad weaves. Some things just happen and are sort of in your control and other times, you really shouldn’t have relied on that YouTube tutorial for trying something new on your head. Extensions are expensive. Love yourself.

Look at those locks. Don’t you want to be like him?

Why am I doing this publicly instead of journaling to myself? BECAUSE I CRAVE VALIDATION. No, but I think I thrive better when I’m able to communicate with people and bounce ideas back and forth. The thing that made my depression after graduating college so poignant was how lonely I was. I was broke and living at home and was all kinds of ashamed for it. I refused to hang out with people and put a lot of my friendships in jeopardy because of it. I started doing web shows online and created my own YouTube channel to keep meeting new people. I regained my confidence and a new-found appreciation for entertaining as both my shows and my YT channel gained [little] popularity.

It was fun. I loved it. Getting a job in the corporate world took that all away and I missed it. It took 4+ years to get back, but dammit, it’s happening.

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