Hello Friends, Who’s #FeelingNuts?

I think I’m making this post more as a warning. There’s an organization called Check One Two who work to raise awareness for testicular cancer who’ve been rolling out a campaign a la the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge across social media. Sooooo, you know, if this happens to catch on there’s a horrible chance you’ll become susceptible to posts on your favorite websites of people grabbing their crotches and nominating their friends to do the same.

Celebs are already doing it!

As far as I know, there’s no donation aspect to it, therefore for the time being, this just becomes a chance to get silly (orrrrrrr gross) while bringing attention to the cause. I don’t know how I feel about this. It’s rather crude, but hey, testicular cancer is a serious thing and it should get just as much attention as any thing out there, BUT don’t we already see enough of this stuff from men on a daily basis anyway? How many women on dating sites get bombarded with vulgar pics of guys grabbing their junk thinking they’re being charming? Some men are constantly adjusting, scratching, and tweaking their genitalia, do we really need a campaign that they can hide behind to be inappropriate? NO THANK YOU.

Please don’t catch on

I’m out.

(I realize this whole thing has the potential to get really foul and I’m afraid. What do you think about this new charity trend? Don’t you just miss the days when people donated out of the kindness of their hearts and weren’t encouraged to do outrageous things to raise awareness?)

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